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Bus Hire Sydney offers a range of corporate  coach charter services in Sydney for both domestic and international corporate groups.

Bus Hire Sydney is a leading transport service provider in Sydney which excels in providing coach charter services for clients for various requirements. Our bus hire services are such that you will feel comfortable in them and leave all your worries behind. We have at your service different types of charters and buses that you can use to travel within the city at your own pace and budget. As the vehicles are fairly large, they can easily accommodate a large number of passengers for a corporate conference trip and others. All our vehicles are driven by experienced, licensed and friendly drivers.


Exclusive Corporate Conference Travel

Being the most reliable, safest and finest travel service provider in the city, Bus Hire Sydney takes pride in delivering on what it promises. For clients who are looking for exclusive corporate conference travel arrangements, we are the company they need to be looking at.


In Sydney, we deliver our transportation services across most suburbs. Whilst our services are quick and efficient, we also take care to see that your travel requirements are met within the stipulated budget. Our coach charter and bus hire services are so designed that they will provide you all the comfort you are looking in them. Give us a try and you will realise why we are rated so highly in the market!

Modern Luxurious Coach Fleet

What is really special about our corporate buses and charters?

Bus Hire Sydney has taken considerable care to ensure each of the buses and charters that are pressed for service in Sydney are modern and are equipped with latest gadgets to ensure smooth and comfortable journey for the clients.


In fact, each of our buses and charters are provided with reclining seats, air conditioning, full curtains, integrated public address system and tinted windows. Our coach charter and bus hire services can be customised to meet your additional requirements, if any.


Contact us today and see how we can help you travel smoothly for your corporate conference trip.

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Meeting Your Corporate Travel Requirements

As we have been in the business of coach charter and bus hire services for long, we understand how much you care for your travel requirements. Therefore, we are fully geared to meet those requirements in all our capacity. In Sydney, whatever be your corporate conference requirements are, we will help you meet them and yet remain within your budget. Allow our travel experts to serve you today! We are sure you will find us extremely useful.

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